V.d. Hoogenhoff is a lumberyard specialised in American Ash.

Origin and quality

American ash wood is light in colour with a fine grain. The core wood varies between light and dark brown. The wood comes from the American ‘White Ash or Brown Ash’. In White Ash the core is white in colour, and brown in Brown Ash. The texture of the wood is relatively coarse.

Durability class

The durability of a type of wood is determined by a durability class. There are five classes for the natural durability of the core wood against moulds and the like. In the table below these are explained (according to NEN-EN-350-2).



Indication of life span in years
1 Very durable > 25
2 Durable 15-25
3 Moderately durable 10-15
4 Not very durable 5-10
5 Not durable < 5
20 % Durability class 5 (Life span: < 5 years)
100 % Processing
100 % Applicability

Eigenschappen en toepassingen

It is flexible and strong. American Ash has virtually the same properties as European Ash. Ashes with broad growth rings is much stronger than ashes with narrow growth rings. Freshly sawn wood can have a pinkish colour. If exposed to light, ash tends to become yellower in colour. It can withstand shocks very well. For that reason it is often used in the furniture and staircase industries. After processing, the wood remains smooth. The wood can be easily cut and is very well suited for varnishing or painting.

Our stock of American Ash

26 / 52mm.

215 t/m 490cm 

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