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Large stock of quality European oak.

V.d. Hoogenhoff Wood Import is a lumber yard specialised in oak wood.


We supply Oak beams and planks in virtually all dimensions and thicknesses. We import oak from France, Croatia, Poland and Ukraine. The oak wood is dried in-company. Thanks to years of expertise and the use of the latest technologies we are able to dry thicker dimensions in addition to the standard dimensions.


The durability of a type of wood is determined by a durability class. There are five classes for the natural durability of the core wood against moulds and the like. In the table below these are explained (according to NEN-EN-350-2).

Class Durability Indication of life span in years
1 Very durable > 25
2 Durable 15-25
3 Moderately durable 10-15
4 Not very durable 5-10
5 Not durable < 5


European oak is one of the most popular types of wood. It is strong and hard, but easy to process and finish. Under water it must be processed and protected, however, if it is used for, for instance, piling or yacht building European oak is often processed into veneers for the gluing of furniture. The appearance of, for instance, French oak makes this type of wood suitable for a wide range of applications in and around houses. Think of the construction of furniture (oak furniture wood), doors, window frames and staircases.

Besides a lumber yard in European oak we are also a supplier of walnut wood, as hand yellow poplar. These are imported directly from America and are available from stock. For more information or a quote, please contact us.