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Large stock of quality American ash

When it comes to American nuts, Hoogenhoff is your partner


It is dark brown, there are less differences in colour than in European walnut. American walnut can be easily processed and is therefore widely used in the furniture industry. Here it is mostly processed into exclusive furniture but also into table tops or worktops. Small knots are permitted, solid walnut is a beautiful dark brown type of wood with a luxurious appearance.


The durability of a type of wood is determined by a durability class. There are five classes for the natural durability of the core wood against moulds and the like. In the table below these are explained (according to NEN-EN-350-2).

Class Durability Indication of life span in years
1 Very durable > 25
2 Durable 15-25
3 Moderatly durable 10-15
4 Not very durable 5-10
5 Not durable < 5


It comes from the East of the United States. Sometimes it even has a purplish glow. American walnut is firm and does not splinter. Therefore it is easy to process. Squared American walnut.
V.d. Hoogenhoff Wood import imports American walnut directly from America. We hold stock of the following dimensions: