• Since 1963
  • 12 drying chambers
  • Thicker sizes in stock

Importing and drying European oak wood has been our expertise for over 50 years. This oak and other furniture wood is finally processed into the most beautiful furniture, floors, doors, stairs and interiors. We also offer oak beams for characteristic structures, both indoors and outdoors. Our customers, spread throughout Europe, consciously choose quality, our many years of experience and the large stock we offer them.

Houtimport v.d. Hoogenhoff

  • Specialist in importing and drying oak since 1963
  • 12 drying rooms equipped with the latest technology
  • We dry both standard sizes and thicker sizes
  • Thicknesses of 65, 82 and 105 mm also available from stock
  • Oak beams for indoor and outdoor constructions
+31(0)485 451532 Sinds 1963

Our wood species

available from stock
Eiken balken

Oak beams

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Europees eiken

European oak

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Yellow poplar

Yellow poplar

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Amerikaans essen

American ash

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Amerikaans noten

American nuts

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Oud gedroogd hout

Old dried wood

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12 drying chambers with 1,200 m3 capacity

Years of expertise and 12 drying chambers equipped with the latest technology. This enables us to dry heavier dimensions in addition to standard sizes. We can even offer oak wood of 65, 82 and 105 mm thickness from stock. We also have a large stock in oak construction beams in various sizes, up to lengths of eleven meters. We dry everything in-house, so we can guarantee you quality. Our 12 drying chambers have a capacity of no less than 1,200 m3. The innovative drying techniques contribute to the processing possibilities for our customers in the furniture and flooring industry, door factories, stair makers and interior builders.

Over 20,000 m2 of wood storage

Houtimport Van den Hoogenhoff has been active in the timber market for over half a century and over the years has specialized in importing and drying European oak wood. Since 1983, we have been drying oak under our own management and storing it under cover. All our wood, from European oak beams and ash, to American walnut and Yellow poplar, is stocked on our own premises.