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Yellow poplar 40 mm



Wood type Yellow poplar
Woodworking Fine sawn - sawn / rough
Thickness 40 mm
Length 215 to 490cm

Origin and quality

Yellow poplar, also called Tulipwood, is from North America and belongs to the family of Magnoliaceae. So it does not belong to the family of poplars, as the name incorrectly suggests. They are large trees - up to 50 meters high with a diameter of 2 meters - and the edged wood is imported directly by Hoogenhoff. This type of wood is very good to work with and also favorably priced, which makes it widely used in the furniture and staircase industry.

Durability class

The durability of a wood species is determined by assigning it a grade from 1 to 5, with grade 1 representing "very durable" and grade 5 representing "not durable. The indicative life span of a wood species indicated by this rating represents "the resistance of the heartwood of wood species to adverse conditions.

Yellow poplar's durability class:
4 for the heartwood: "Little durable," with an indicative life span of 5 to 10 years.
5 for the sapwood: "Not durable," with an indicative lifespan of up to 5 years.

Yellow poplar properties

Yellow poplar has a fine texture, even and straight grain. The sapwood - between bark and core - is very light in color, but turns a little darker with exposure to light over time. Even though the wood is well dried before processing, when humidity is increased it still tends to reabsorb moisture. A great advantage is that under favorable conditions this wood does not work much and machining is easy. In addition, it is lightweight. All this makes this type of wood very popular for many indoor applications. Yellow poplar has a beautiful, calm appearance.

Stock Yellow poplar

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