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Ash 26 mm



Wood type Essen
Woodworking Fine sawn - sawn / rough
Thickness 26 mm
Length 215 to 490cm

Origin and quality

Ash wood is light in color and has a beautiful grain. European ash is slightly milder and has a more refined structure than its American variant, but both species have almost the same properties. The branch-free trunk has a length varying between 15 and 20 meters, with a diameter between 40 and 90 cm. Most of the ash wood processed by our suppliers comes from the broad sapwood (the non-core wood between the bark and core), whose color varies from white to yellowish or light yellow-brown. The texture of this wood is relatively coarse.

Durability class

The durability of a wood species is determined by assigning it a grade from 1 to 5, with grade 1 representing "very durable" and grade 5 representing "not durable. The indicative life span of a wood species indicated by this rating represents "the resistance of the heartwood of wood species to adverse conditions.

Ash wood has durability class 5:
'Not durable,' with an indicative lifetime of up to 5 years.

Ash wood properties

Ash wood is elastic, tough and strong. Ash with wide growth rings is much stronger than ash with narrow growth rings. When exposed to light, white ash turns a slightly yellowish color. The heartwood of ash does not form until the tree is about 60 years or older and has a brown color. And because that core is so erratic, it is common for the wood of an older tree to be brown/white streaked or flamed.
A great advantage of ash wood is that it can withstand shocks very well. This is why it is often used in the furniture and staircase industry, and for the production of broom handles. Once worked, the wood remains beautifully smooth. Ash wood can be cut well and is very suitable for painting or staining.

Stock ash wood

Thanks to our large storage facilities, we are able to supply almost any specification ash wood from stock. At the bottom of this page you will find an overview of all dimensions we have in stock. If the size you need is not listed here, please contact us.

In addition to ash wood, we also supply oak beams and European oak, and American nuts and Yellow poplar. Everything directly imported and in stock.

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